M.A. Center

The M.A. Center is open to people of all origins and religions and offers a retreat for the search for harmony and inner peace. The Center promotes personal development for greater inner freedom with the aim of spiritual awakening. This is achieved in particular through selfless service (seva), which cultivates attentiveness, mindfulness, openness of the heart, as well as a giving attitude and detachment.

Visitors can volunteer in seminars, workshops and projects and in doing so get in touch with Amma and her teaching. The spiritual exercises proposed by Amma (Archana, Meditation, Bhajans, Seva) form the framework of the daily schedule.

The M.A. Center is a place where values and qualities such as tolerance, solidarity, environmental awareness and responsibility can be practiced. The Center sees itself as a place of acceptance and harmony between man and nature. It makes a valuable contribution to society. This is done through appropriate seminars with representatives of Amma, for example meditation, yoga, environmental protection and youth education.

The Center offers the opportunity to meet Amma personally. Amma has been visiting the Center regularly since 2005 and since 2015 a major charity event has been held annually with Amma. The planning and implementation of this Programmeme is organised by Verein Amrita e.V. in cooperation with the M.A. Center. Verein Amrita e.V. supports Amma’s international aid projects around the world, which run under the name “Embracing the World”.

Every year in summer the youth group AYUDH meets in the M.A. Center. AYUDH is an international youth movement dedicated to empowering young people to contribute to a peaceful and sustainable world. The movement is also inspired by Amma’s life and work.

The M.A. Center supports itself through donations, rent and seminar income. All residents and helpers volunteer their time and energy to help maintain the Center. Among other things, they organise seminars, cook for the seminar participants and take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the Center, the gardens and outdoor facilities.