Organisational structure


Since 2017 the M.A. Center has a new organisational structure, inspired by the tools of sociocracy. All fundamental decisions are taken by consensus in the various areas and each team member is free to organise his or her own activities. At meetings, each participant is heard. A decision is valid once all participants have given their consensus. Through this process all members can understand and support the decisions. This ensures more transparency and openness.

The Center is run by a board and management team. The members are appointed by Amma. The organisation of the Center is coordinated by 6 different departments. Each department has a coordinator and an interest representative.

The coordinators have the task of ensuring that the issues of their area are taken into account for the smooth running of the Centre. The interest representative, represents the view of the team members at the organising team or the management team meetings, supports the coordinators and represents them in their absence.