Nature is our primordial mother. She nourishes us all our lives. Our bodily mother may allow us to sit on her lap for a few years, but Mother Nature patiently carries us throughout our lives. She sings us to sleep, nurtures us and caresses us. Just as a child has a duty to its biological mother, we should feel a duty and a responsibility to Mother Nature.


Nature is close to our hearts. In our organic garden we grow vegetables, herbs and fruit. Also for the catering of our guests we prefer to use organic food from regional cultivation. Most of our new buildings and renovations are organic and energy-efficient. The toilet facilities are fed with rainwater in an environmentally friendly way. We have a total of five rainwater cisterns with a total storage capacity of over 40,000 liters. The electricity we use is green electricity from EWS Schönau.

Bushes and trees are regularly planted on the premises of Amma Zentrum Hof Herrenberg.

Naturland Farm with horses

Attached to the M.A. Center is a certified Naturland Farm with horse husbandry and orchards.

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