Dear friends of M.A.Center Germany,

In addition to the income from seminars, donations help to ensure that M.A.Center can continue to grow and expand.

For the completion of the big riding hall, where Amma gives Darshan to all of us, we had to take out a loan from the bank, which has not yet been fully repaid.

Many helpers and the residents of the Center are already working hard to keep the costs as low as possible and to enable its existence and further expansion.

We gratefully accept every donation – even small ones. Even 5 Euros per month are a great help for us, specially when many people set up regular support as a standing order.

Our centre is registered as a non-profit association (number VR 71008 since 8.9.2006 at the local court Darmstadt). Donations are deductible from taxes within the framework of the applicable regulations and we issue a corresponding donation receipt. On request, you will receive the donation receipt immediately after receipt of the donation, otherwise we will send the donation receipt automatically at the end of the year in January.


We thank you for your support.


The team from M.A.Center Germany


How you can donate?

By bank transfer:

Account holder: M.A. Center Germany – Seminarzentrum Hof Herrenberg e.V.

Bank: Volksbank Odenwald

IBAN: EN07 508 63513 0003 8974 43


Purpose: Donation Amma Zentrum Hof Herrenberg

By Paypal or credit card:

Planning ahead

If you wish to make an inheritance arrangement and thereby transfer ownership or real estate to M.A.Center Germany you are welcome to contact us In this way, you can help Amma’s global humanitarian organisation to grow during and after your lifetime.